Desktop Publishing

One of the challenges when having a Marketing Brochure or similar translated or localized is that the length of the words tends to change once they have been translated. This causes havoc with your new, shiny brochure and means that the text and images are now all displaced and no longer sit on the page as you would wish. 

When translating or localizing from English to German for example, we generally see a 30% 'Word Swell' - that is to say the words are generally around 30% longer than in English.

Our Desktop Publishing department can take your translated or localized content and make it sit on the page, in the correct place and in the correct format so you don't need to worry about managing that element yourself. All you receive back in the translated or localized brochure ready to go to print.

Please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and our Desktop Publishing team will be happy to discuss your project in detail.